Take Your Guests' Breath Away

Impress them with the sight of a fearsome dragon

Are you looking for a venue for your upcoming event? You'll have an unforgettable space to host your party at Silver Stone Castle & Family Entertainment. There be no better place to organize a medieval themed party-your guests will be blown away by the mythical space.

We prefer pigeon messages, but if your pigeons have flown the coop, call us today to book our venue for your upcoming event.

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The secret to throwing a memorable event is finding a stellar venue. You don't need to search far and wide-look no further than Silver Stone Castle & Family Entertainment.

Our spacious, medieval themed ballroom is ideal for:

Birthday parties

Wedding receptions

Family reunions


Corporate events

We can accommodate up to 150 people. We also have medieval and non-fantasy themed event rooms for your use. Fear ye not-our great dragon, Dragonia, is a friendly beast.

Contact us today to arrange for a tour. I command it!