Our Story

Our Story begins many years ago when kings and queens governed the land. During that time, some solicited the help of a kind hearted dragon to help shield their castle from harm. It was said that a gentle dragon would lend it's support as well as advice to those they cared for. Our dragon is one of these special and unique dragons. She had been captured by an evil Sorcerer that kept her imprisoned with mystical chains in a cave under the very castle she was protecting.

Years passed as she waited to be freed, sadly the castle fell to ruin. Now it came to pass that in modern times our hero decided to build a place where families could come together to share and participate in family entertainment activities. It was his hope that they would build a special bonding experience that had been lost in his time.

As our hero was exploring the castle ruins, he came upon the tiny entrance to the cave that the dragon was trapped in. He saw the condition she was in and decided that he would break her chains with the axe that had been handed down through his family since the time of kings.

She had been in a deep sleep for so long but when she heard the man with the axe come towards her, she awoke in fright. Our hero broke the chains with the axe that could have only been created for this purpose so very long ago. She was so relieved that she instantly changed into a beautiful sorcerous.

She was so appreciative of his intervention that she told our hero that she would help him build whatever he desired. She would be able to do this with the help of her staff that held a charmed Silver Stone.

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